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Object 3D visualization

Object 3D visualization

We work with customers from all over the world. Our team speaks English fluently and can easily adapt to work in your time zone. Our projects are developed by high level developers. We use technologies such as video calls, calls, correspondence via messengers, project management systems Jira, Git etc. for communication with our customers. Trips of our specialists are possible if it is necessary.

It should be noted that the visualized 3D object is several times better and more effective than studio photography.

Object visualization is usually used for industrial production. Also it can be 3D visualization of jewelry, clothes, cars, etc. With the help of 3D visualization there can be created a prototype of the product or its individual parts, which is required to be launched into production. This technology provides an excellent opportunity for a comprehensive assessment of the projected object. In addition, with the help of this technology, the aesthetic qualities of the product are revealed and the time for creating the 3D object is minimal.

In this direction we perform the following types of services:

Stages of estimation and implementation of a project:

Technologies that we use for modeling:

3ds Max, ZBrush, Maya, Cinema 4d, Blender, Photoshop.


As soon as the work is finished we provide the customer with the warranty for the work done. Warranty terms and conditions for each project are unique. If any defects are found, we eliminate them for free. To work with us means that you will get maximum convenience and quality.